U-Shape Arm Exerciser – Home Fitness Equipment for Upper Body and Inner Thighs.

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  • Metal & Foam
  • Imported
  • 【Adjustable Resistance】The strength can be easily adjusted by adjusting the buckle, and the three-speed strength can be adjusted freely. Just adjusting the length, resistance can be adjusted
  • 【Perfect Structural Design】The twister arm exerciser features a sturdy steel construction that is padded for comfort. It works so well because of the dual action, spring flex technology which provides resistance in both directions, when you flex inward and lengthen out
  • 【Complete Body Exercise System】Tone biceps & triceps, even thighs – Lift Bustline- Define shoulders & chest- Trim your waist line- Shape tights. This lightweight and portable training tool will allow you to build lean muscles without bulking
  • 【Use for Anyone & Anywhere】Quiet compact design makes it easy to carry and use virtually anywhere. It can be used by any age group, gender and those of all fitness levels to help achieve weight loss and muscle toning goals
  • 【Get Lean & Fit Fast】With only a few minutes every day, this training tool will help you build muscle strength, tone your body, and lose weight. Lightweight and portable, you can pack it up and bring it with you anywhere, USPTO Patent


Product Description

Step 1: Hold the spring tube and the ring handle with two hands, and press the buckle, insert the ring handle into the spring tube, and hear a “click” to indicate that the installation is in place

Step 2: Assemble the other spring tube with the ring handle in the same way as the first step

Step 3: Assemble the other ring handle with the spring tube in the same way

Step 4: After the assembly is completed, after checking to ensure that it is installed in place, it can be used


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