Nordstick PRO Hamstring Curl Strap – Upgraded Stability and Comfort.

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  • Elevate Your Workouts Anytime, Anywhere with Nordstick Pro: The Ultimate Nordic Hamstring Curl Strap Achieve Greater Strength and Speed with Nordic Curls – A Proven Exercise That Can Reduce Injury Risk and Alleviate Knee Pain
  • The Perfect Fit for Everyone: Nordstick Pro’s customizable one-size-fits-all strap ensures a comfortable and secure fit for any body type. The 1.5-inch premium foam padding provides unparalleled comfort and support during your workouts, allowing you to push harder and achieve better results.
  • Upgraded and Improved: Nordstick Pro features a 2-inch rubberized door anchor, uniquely designed to fit any door frame without causing damage or leaving marks, and is rated to handle over 500 lbs of weight.
  • Quick and Easy Set-Up: With Nordstick Pro, you can set up your Nordic curls in seconds. Simply slide the strap under the door, close the door, adjust the strap, and you’re ready to exercise. Weighing under 1 pound, Nordstick Pro is easy to bring with you wherever you go, so you never have to miss a workout.
  • Join the Thousands of Satisfied Customers: With over 100,000 happy customers, Nordstick Pro is the original and best Nordic hamstring curl strap on the market. We’re confident that you’ll love our product, but if you’re not completely satisfied, our customer service team is always here to help.

DO YOU WANT TO TRAIN AT HOME OR WHEN TRAVELING AFFORDABLY? The Nordstick is for you! The NORDSTICK was designed by a Physical therapist and Strength Coach to allow you to train ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! It is designed to allow you to train in your home, on the go, or in the gym, due to its compact size and incredible strength and ease of use. Limited on time but still want to workout? Don’t waste time during your workout setting up all your gym equipment, It takes 10 seconds to set up the Nordstick and you’re ready to go! The Nordstick is VERSATILE so you can use it for not just hamstring curls, you can use it for SIT UP, Spanish squats, Razor Curls, Russian Twists, and MORE! The Nordstick can be used to help you train for upcoming powerlifting competition, running race, sporting event, or improve your at home workouts! TRY THE NORDSTICK OUT TODAY AND CLOSE THE DOOR ON YOUR OLD TRAINING EXPERIENCE! Patent Pending Design.


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