6mm Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat with Non-Slip Grip and Carry Straps

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  • MODERN ORIGINAL DESIGNS – All of our exercise mats designs are custom one of a kind, sleek and modern so you can focus on great workout harmony. Be it our original Vitruvian Man (Black), Tiger (Purple) or Elephant (Purple).
  • ECO – FRIENDLY NON-SLIP – 100% natural non-toxic PU rubber. Manufactured for sustainability and earth friendliness. Rest assured you will have impeccable grip in no matter what you’re wearing. Even during a sweaty hot yoga session, you’ll maintain excellent grip with this thick yoga mat and its high moisture absorbing material.
  • EXTRA THICK 6mm – At 20 – 50% thicker than other yoga mats, you’ll get the most comfortable fitness mat possible suitable for yoga, stretching , pilates or meditation. Extra padding provides cushion for your knees and hands. Extra thickness also smooths out bumps in grass and other uneven surfaces to provide stability and balance.
  • TRAVEL YOGA MAT – Our non slip yoga mat is a great travel companion as it comes with 2 straps; one black and one multi color inside every unit. Take your large yoga mat with you so no day goes by without your daily routine of yoga, morning stretches or warrior poses.
  • SUPPORT ANIMAL WILDLIFE – Your support helps us in our mission and we thank you. Each meditation mat you purchase, we donate a portion of sales to elephant and wild cat protection. We believe in saving wild life animals for future generations. Our pilates mat helps preserve our surroundings by committing to give back to mother earth.

Product Description

The Modern Body You Want

  • Our yoga mats have been carefully designed to be the best fitness partner you can have.
  • Comfort is our major goal and we take all the steps needed to deliver to you.
  • Workout knowing you are supporting a great cause.

Comfort and Quality

  • Use on any surface to reduce sharp objects and bumps
  • Soft cushion enables you to have more effective workouts
  • Maximum grip ensures you’ll hold your pose more confidently
  • Highest quality material doesn’t fade or peel

Our Why

It’s no secret the planet is changing. There are more people and fewer animals, forests and resources. Yoga and fitness with a purpose means, we do yoga and fitness with intent. Be more than a consumer, make a difference, be a part of something bigger, so that we can all share this big beautiful planet in harmony for many years to come.

Our Mission

Our goal is save big animals. You may have seen some of our inspiration in the one of a kind designs. Yes, tigers, elephants and more to come. Roughly 100 elephants are killed every day, faster than the reproduction rate. To us, that is not acceptable. So, with each purchase we donate a portion to non-profit sanctuaries and rescue shelters.


  • One tree planted with every order
  • Box is 100% recyclable
  • Box is made from 30-50% recycled material
  • Rubber from sustainable rubber trees

Yoga Mat
Cooling Towel
One Tree Planted Planted
6mm Thick
Maximum Comfort for hands and Feet


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