6-Piece Hand and Forearm Grip Strengthener Set – Adjustable Resistance.

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  • 6-PIECE SET | Includes Forearm Strengthener, Adjustable Hand Gripper, Finger Strengthener, Finger Resistance Band, Grip Ring and Stress Relief Ball.
  • SEVERAL RESISTANCE LEVELS | This set includes easily adjustable resistance levels, while our other strength training hand grips are optimized for any level of exercise out of the box. Great for all ages 3 and up.
  • FOREARM WORKOUT EQUIPMENT | Ideal for rock climbers, tennis players, weight lifters, gymnasts, golfers, musicians and anyone who relies on the strength of their hands, wrists and forearms for physical or professional activities.
  • INJURY AVOIDANCE AND RECOVERY | A grip strength trainer is excellent for anyone who works in an office or with a typist job. Avoid or recover from carpal tunnel, arthritis, or poor circulation with an easy hand workout at your desk.
  • STRESS RELIEF EQUIPMENT | A hand exerciser is a great alternative to other hand fidget items. Increase your finger strength while lowering tension and boredom. A grip trainer is proven to lower blood pressure in scientific studies.

Six-piece Grip Strengthener Set by Tannion

Looking for exercise equipment to help strengthen your fingers, wrist and forearms? Are you an athlete or musician who relies on your hands to be flexible and strong for your craft?

Our Forearm Training Set keeps fingers and wrists strong and flexible, while also building forearm strength. Ideal for stress relief and recovery from stiffness and other hand and wrist ailments.

Why You’ll Want our Forearm Training Set:

Every item offers improved flexibility and strength in fingers, wrists and forearms along with easy storage and portability.

➀ Forearm Strengthener with heavy duty carbon springs has a minimum tension of 8kg.

➁ Hand Gripper with stainless steel spring can be adjusted from 11-132lbs for any strength level.

➂ Hand and Finger Strengthener improves the strength of each finger and can be adjusted to 4lbs per finger.

➃ Finger Stretcher Resistance Band fits all hands and offers light resistance.

➄ Hand Strengthener Grip Ring offers 50lbs resistance.

➅ Stress Relief Grip Ball offers medium tension to help reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

Who benefits from using grip strength exercise equipment:




▹Typists & Office workers

▸Police, Military & Gunners

▹Seniors with stiffness in the fingers

▸Anyone who is stressed or has high blood pressure

▹Anyone who relies on the strength of their hands, wrists and forearms for physical or professional activities

Tannion emphasizes customer satisfaction. If you have any questions about our grip training kit, please ask and we’ll be quick to respond. If you purchase our product and have any comments or concerns, let us know and we will make it right!


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